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WaterCare Africa

European WaterCare expanded to  Africa under the name WaterCare Africa.

Backed by European WaterCare, the leading Water Filtration company in the UK, African WaterCare is already making a big impact on local businesses.


We Have

Extensive Experience

WaterCare Africa specialises in water treatment for the Foodservice Industry. Our clients benefit from our expertise and experience, drawing on over 20 years of solving water related problems. We have built excellent relationships with many coffee equipment suppliers, vending operators as well as coffee specialists and baristas who realise the importance of carefully treated water to their business.

We Offer

Cost Effective Water Treatment Solutions

We offer cost-effective, eco-friendly British made water treatment solutions. We have the knowledge, experience, products and service back-up that will benefit your business.

Call us today on 032 947 0063.

Innovation and Product Development

Innovation has been at the heart of European WaterCare from the outset and continues to set the tone of our business with new product ranges launched in 2015 and 2016. In 2015 we successfully launched our range of iX Water Filters with an internal, replaceable cartridge – which not only challenges the existing business model for quick change cartridges but also brings down operating costs. iX Refill Insert Technology offers clients the opportunity to save money and provide a truly eco-friendly solution with greatly reduced wastage.

iX Filters

Improvements Across Sales, Operations, Production & Supply Chain

We have taken a critical look at our culture, efficiencies, communication, quality control and compliance. As a result of this, we are a more integrated and connected business offering improved communication and service to our customers. We have implemented process changes across operations, production and supply-chain to improve product quality and availability with the aim of increasing overall customer satisfaction.

First Class Service, Back-Up and After-Sales Care

Our products are supported by our fully trained staff providing support and backed up by our own team of admin professionals who provide a first class service to our growing customer base.