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Glasswashing and dishwashing is all about the finished article – crystal clear, clean, sparkling crockery, plates and glasses.

A major factor in clean results is the quality of water used in the rinse. However, the properties of water can differ greatly from region to region and the different impurities contained within this water will affect the results of any clean cycle. Ensure the best warewashing results with our range of Autosoft manual and automatic softeners.

Automatic Hot & Cold Water Softeners

Our commercial hot and cold salt-based water softeners are available in a wide range of capacities and formats to suit all types of applications. Timed, metered and combo valves for maximum flexibility.

The ideal water treatment solution for commercial glasswashers and dishwashers. Our specialist softeners produce soft water that help produce sparkling clean crockery, cutlery and glassware. Equipment is also protected from the harmful effects of chlorine and scale. Cold and hot water versions available.

Water softeners

Manual Cold Water Softeners

Our budget priced manual cold water softeners can be used on small dishwashers and glass-washers. Simple installation and no electrics needed. The system works by manually flushing the resin beads with a salt solution as and when required.

Available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 litre models.


Manual softener

Automatic Hot & Cold Pumped Softeners

European WaterCare also manufactures a range of hot or cold commercial water softeners, each with an integral electronically controlled pump, designed specifically for low water pressure/flow applications. The integral pump system is controlled by an electronic control system, which negates the need for a pressure storage tank and pressure switch. The complete system is encapsulated within a single polypropene cabinet offering a neat and hygienic appearance when installed in a commercial kitchen or plant room.


Pumped Softeners

Hot & Cold Water Break Tank Softeners

WaterCare Africa stock a range of Break Tanks designed specifically for the catering industry matching both our water softener and pump set cabinets. A Class ‘A’ Air Gap (Break Tank) is fitted to prevent dirty water siphoning back from the dish/glass washer into the mains water. Class ‘A’ Air Gaps are a legal requirement on dishwashers fitted in a commercial kitchen.


Break Tank Softeners

Simplex & Duplex Commercial Softeners

WaterCare Africa specialises in providing water softening solutions for commercial premises and industrial plants. Our commercial simplex and duplex water softeners are available in sizes and configurations to meet all commercial and industrial applications.

Typical users include: Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Food processing plants and other commercial premises.


Duplex Softeners

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Our commercial water softeners are available in sizes and configurations to meet all commercial and industrial applications.

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