Drainflow Pumps


Pumps away hot wastewater from combi steam ovens from near floor level


WaterCare Africa supplies specifically designed Drain Flow Pumps for combi steam ovens to pump away water water without the need for expensive drainage systems.
Drain Flow Pumps

Our Drain Flow Pumps are designed to collect and pump away waste water, at a temperature of up to 96 degrees centigrade, from a level as low as 40mm from the floor. The unit has gone on to become an almost essential part of a commercial kitchen set-up where floor gulley drainage is absent or where ovens are sited away from drainage points. It is the only solution specifically designed for pumping waste water from island based combination ovens.
These units were designed in collaboration with a highly reputable oven manufacturer and have been successfully providing waste water solutions on all sizes and makes of major combi oven manufacturer products for the last decade.

Four pump sizes are available:
DPS01 – Suitable for all oven sizes up to 20 grid.
DPS02 – For all ovens 20 grid and above.
Both models are available in 40mm and 75mm versions.

Booster Pumps

In addition WaterCare Africa is able to offer Booster Pump sets where water pressure needs boosting on site, to maintain correct water pressure levels for continued operation of effected appliances.

Our compact and fully automatic pump systems are mounted in robust rotationally moulded cabinets and will pump water at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius to a maximum pressure of 4 Bar.

The systems are electronic and operate on both water pressure and flow. This makes the units very reliable and eliminates the need for pressure switches and a storage vessels, increasing reliability, simplifying use and reducing size.

The units are designed to work with all makes of water softeners and water filters.



Booster Pump

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