iX VAPOUR - For steam ovens

The iX VAPOUR is the first truly eco-friendly cartridge filter made in Britain, offering Insert Refill Technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the marketplace.

Our new iX Vapour 03 has been specially designed for use with steam ovens and other catering equipment that uses steam

Combi Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Bratt Pans or Boilers will suffer from a build-up of lime scale which will attack elements, oven chambers and sensors and will lead to expensive break-downs and unwanted kitchen down-time. The iX 03 VAPOUR will protect your steam oven from the harmful effects of scale thanks to the ion-exchange media housed within the Insert Refill.

Unlike traditional cartridge filters, the iX 03 Vapour’s Insert Refill Technology means that only the refill needs replacing, reducing costs and minimising unnecessary waste of plastic to landfill which clearly harms the environment.

IX VAPOUR 03 – Essential for the protection and longevity of commercial steam ovens, pasta cookers and boilers.

Application – For small combi ovens, medium use pasta cookers and boilers.


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