Creative water for coffee and hot beverages


Truly great coffee is borne out of enthusiasm.  A meticulous dedication and determination to ensure ‘our coffee’ is as good as it can be.

All good baristas realise every aspect from machine to bean has to be right, but only a few understand that truly great coffee starts with the main ingredient – water!

Problend™ from WaterCare Africa is the ultimate in flexible water treatment technology. Problend™ first strips back water to its purest form via a 5-step filtration process, then it allows the user to re-introduce minerals which are beneficial to coffee extraction and taste.


Great Coffee

Exceptional water purification

Great coffee starts with perfect water. Some water treatment systems simply remove most minerals, even if they are beneficial to flavour and extraction. This attitude to treating water can result in dull flavours and a poor crema.

Problend™ puts back some beneficial minerals that allow the intricate, bright flavours of coffee to burst from every bean.

ProBlend Unit

Perfect water from a neatly designed clever, yet compact unit

Coffee is 98% water – so it is absolutely vital that the water used to make the beverage is the best it can possibly be. Unlike most other water treatment systems, Problend™ allows the barista/operator to return some of the minerals to the water that are needed for proper coffee extraction and aroma.

Problend™ puts back some beneficial minerals that allow the complex, bright flavours of coffee to be properly extracted.

  • Compact size for maximum use of under-counter space
  • LED light function indicator
  • Dual pressure gauge for system pressure and incoming water
  • Self-aligning patented filter with unique built-in handle for removal
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Quick filter replacement designed to prevent messy spillage
  • System can be easily expanded with the use of additional RO membrane modules
  • Can be used for multiple applications: direct flow or with RO tank
  • Dimensions: 44cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 44cm(H)
  • System can produce up to 1500 litres/day

An additional pressure tank reserve is recommended for high demand use to ensure a continuous water supply. These are available in 22 and 50 litre sizes.

Creative water for coffee and hot beverages

ProBlend Unit

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The 6 stages to perfect water for coffee


Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6

Polypropylene (PP) Sediment Filter

5 micron high capacity filter.

KX CTO Carbon Block

Carbon block absorbs dissolved organic and chemical matter such as chlorine and reduces odour and improves water clarity.

Polypropylene (PP) Sediment Filter

5 micron filter to capture particles passing through stage 1&2.

TFC RO Membrane

Provides a barrier to bacteria and virus as well as heavy metals & chemicals such as Lead, Copper, Barium, Chromium, Sodium, Nitrate, Fluoride, Selenium and up to 98% salts.

KX ACT CTO Carbon Filter Post

Antibacterial. Removes odour and enhances the taste of the water whilst removing Carbon Dioxide.

Blending Valve

Introduction of TDS minerals to enhance coffee extraction and taste brightness. Controlled by the barista/operator.
The final water composition is determined by the barista/operator



Technical Specifications

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