Steam Combi Oven Protection


Total combination oven protection by reverse osmosis


Reverse Osmosis is the preferred water treatment method for steam oven applications, because it removes 97% or more of all dissolved materials, including hardness minerals and chlorides, from the water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Units are particularly cost-effective for caterers with extremely hard or variable water quality, who need high volumes of treated water normally obtained using calcium treatment units or demineralisation systems.

WaterCare Africa supplies, installs and maintains Reverse Osmosis water treatment solutions to meet all foodservice requirements including specialist solutions for warewashing and combination/steam ovens.

Benefits of reverse osmosis:
Up to 97% reduction of Total Dissolved Solids
Eliminates scale deposits
Eliminates chloride-induced corrosion
Reduces energy costs
Reduces equipment ‘down-time’
Fixed operating costs and maintenance intervals
Wall-mounted or floor-standing

WaterCare Africa employs its own team of engineers who will take care of the service on a fixed cost basis.

Available Products:
RO 200 – 700 litres per 24 hours (or 32 litres per hour)
RO 400 – 1400 litres per 24 hours (or 64 litres per hour)
RO 800 – 2500 litres per 24 hours (or 120 litres per hour)


ProSteam Reverse Osmosis Unit
ProSteam Reverse Osmosis removes up to 97% of dissolved solids in the water, eliminates scale deposits and gets rid of chlorine-induced corrosion.

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