Cost effective, centrally managed water solutions for group operators


Waterslate provides a clear, cost effective, centrally managed exchange solution that connects right into the heart of the business of group operators.

Waterslate has the potential to revolutionise how water treatment is managed and exchanged by group operators by communicating usage, cost and exchange frequency online via the web or building management systems.

Benefits of WaterSlate management:
 Centrally managed water solution
 The advantages of scale reduction
 Cost effective
Reduces energy costs
Reduces equipment ‘down-time’
 Managed exchanges of filters and calcium treatment units
Management reporting facilit

WaterCare Africa employs its own team of engineers who will take care of the serving and exchanges on a fixed cost basis.


Waterslate management

Waterslate managed exchange solution

Total peace of mind for the larger user and companies with multiple outlets in the Africa

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